The (dirt)Road: Placements

Have you been playing in the League of Legends for a while? Have you had fun? Have you decided you’re good? Do you think you’re ready for RANKED? Well none of these questions can be fully answered with just yes or no answers. But at least you’re confident enough in your skill and experience to know it’s time to take the next step. This next step is like diving in a cold pool, it’s not really that big a deal. Everyone does it, you’ve done it before, maybe in another sport, maybe another game, but you’ve definitely been judged by your performance before.

I reminisce on the days of Halo when you were level 43 in SWAT and you’d have to win 5 games in a row to go up to 44, but you lost just 1 game and “Hello level 42”. Or playing AOE and having some teammate playing like it was FarmVille. SC and the Protoss who thought they could do out-rush the Zerg,  etc…

Anyway that’s how I’ve heard ranked goes. If only in Normal PvP I’ve had to suffer rage-quitters, trolls, n00Bs and my own f*ck ups at the end of the day all you have to show for it is a file on Riot’s servers with the match history that noone will watch and will eventually fade away. Ranked changes that and gives you a badge so people know what you’ve done. And all this drama may be unnecessary, it may very well be a badge of honor! IMO Gold, Plat, Diamond and Challenger are all but lame. Of course their degree of awesomness varies. Silver may not even be THAT bad, but Bronze is just sad… I mean I’m obviously gonna start out in Bronze, the thing is being able to escape it. Let’s hope the gravitational pull (of stupidity) is out-matched against my wits.

In the end all you can do is just decide to do it. Or not to. But why the hell not? If the game already frustrates you and you think you couldn’t or wouldn’t want to handle the stress then don’t. But maybe you can play with friends and find it less stressfull of less of a let down. IDK. I’ve played my matches and you can see the results (so far). We’ll see where I’ll be placed, but the important part is:

“How Far Will I Go?”.


 我听见我忘记,我看见我记住我做我了解 – 孔子 || I hear – I forget, I see – I remember, I do – I understand   -Confucius



Zexycommander, signing off…


He's Right You Know?

What if I told you Meme, Morpheus know LoL

But what if Bronze won't let you go like quicksand??

Maybe it’s not so bad, you’d scale quick…

Hmm... makes sense

Link I’ve found with Tips

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