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On Nerfing

You are against an overpowered opponent. You get there and just think about the damned luck that the celestial bodies cast upon you. There is not much to do than stall and avoid a rage quit because in the end a rage quit is a pretty low way of losing. So you stay and hope it is over soon. Will it be over soon?

At least you are trying hard not to lose. It’s a question of pride. You learned from that one teacher at school that it is not always about winning or losing but about how you manage the situation: honorably or lowly. “Keep trying. Keep trying.”

Keep trying.

But in the end you lose. You tried but lost.


Everyone asks for a “nerf” so the “OPness” goes away and he or she is thrown back into the pool of the standard. At least this is how it works in League of Legends. Maybe Riot has an embedded chat reader that detects the characters “OP” and a champions name. Then by statistics they find out that too many are complaining about a specific ability or stat. That’s when the code smite falls upon the champion.

In life however, it doesn’t work that way. I’ve had to face real life OP people and been forced to face them. You can’t nerf them. They worked really hard to win their OPness. “Maybe I should begin to work on my own ‘buff'”. While in LoL you ask for champions to be nerfed because it isn’t fun anymore or useless ones are asked to be buffed, in real life that is something you earn. Try not to blame it on someone else and work your own buff.

It might be just a game, but you game like you live. Be congruent all around. Don’t grudge on others for being OP or cry for being a broken person. Tolerate when other players do a better job than you on a match and take it the way it is and accept your own mistakes.


Your truly,

The no-no Java

Spreading the Love

We all get that teammate. The teammate who’s full of love and compassion. For him-fucking-self.

You realize how bad you are by minute 5 when your fellow champ clearly states how he would be able to carry the game if it weren’t for the rest of us. Like that is even possible. I mean, when Arnor picked us up from Call of Duty we could actually carry the games. He was Gold III and we were between 10 and 17. But this teammate is Bronze II. And we would actually be better of without him.

Let’s put it this way: you are in front of the ball. It’s the decisive free-kick that will bring the whole team eternal honor. As the striker, you really get all of your brains on the shot. Deep breath. WHAT THE HELL? That was my shot! Yeah, the goalkeeper ran all the way through the field to kick the ball and fly the ball out of the stadium. Oh, so that’s carrying? Taking the shot because you have played more matches than the rest of the team? He’s the ADPCTS, (adipiceetee-s), namely attack damage & power carry tank supporter.

But at least you still have a couple of minutes on the timer. You might actually score if the whole team synchronizes. Screw it. The goalkeeper’s gotta score or he’s gonna report me to the FIFA.

In the end, we lose as bad as Brazil against Germany because the goalkeeper actually played striker all the match.

Guys, stick to your roles. It won’t hurt.


With true compassion,

The no-no Java

我的介绍: Draco aka ‘”Zexycommander”‘

You’ll usually find me lurking the web at a few key places when I’m not playing lol or working out 😉

I’m a pretty versatile player but I’m best ADC then jungle>supp/mid>top lacking maybe but not sucking anywhere.

My main objective in lol right now is to play and feel comfortable with as many champions as I can not sticking too much to one role.

I enjoy asking “Coach” questions and understanding the logic behind lol situational analisis.

Interesting is the name of the game.

I speak English then Spanish and I’m learning Chinese so 大家好.


Signed by,


My Intro: Thomas aka “The no-no Java”

It seems that I’m gonna be the first to post. Fak.

I’m just 3.154e7 seconds into the game. I liek them coding languages. Very Haskell much functional so anonymous. Mainly an ADC carry here, although my second choice is ADC.

College is my main concern right now. So I play LoL only during weekends, which makes me fall behind my fellow bloggers. Anyways. I try my best.

(Short) summary?

  • Pizza > everything else
  • everything > Java
  • Definitely prefer integrals to derivatives
  • I also build robots (almost)
  • 19.9 years old as of now
  • English, Spanish, German, (and working on Japanese) spoken here
  • I’m Mexican/Spanish/Portugese but spiritually Deutsch
  • Thomas Müller will be the star

Let’s see how this blog turns out!


Yours truly,

The no-no Java