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Doom Bots… OF DOOM!!!

After those Solo queue matches I had to unwind a little and normal games didn’t do it for me… I made mistakes, got frusterated, got trolled etc… the usual.

Then finally came Doom Bots of DOOM! It was tough at first and truthfully I just wanted the icon (I’m a free-icon whore)… but after three games I got the hang of it an had a good enough team to beat them!!! (lvl 1 of course)

Laning is sorta hard, but I’ve found mid 1 v 1 to be easiest, I took Viktor, ‘cuz he has good wave clear and decided to take it slow.

Spoiler: I LOVED Doom bots of DOOM!! (oh and I won)

IMO Doom bots helps you learn how objective control is infinitely more important than kills. Normally people play against a tough team and as they start losing they also start to commit more and more mistakes. Usually they fail to recognize that that small bit of gold or that kill makes a difference when your up against some one better. And people FAIL to learn from those mistakes too.


By making the bots so ridiculously over-powered (and until you realize that dying to them a couple of times) you decide that trying to assasinate them or duel them is in fact ridiculous. You discard that as a posibility from the get go focus on something you CAN do.

Lemme stop here to declare I’m talking about low ELO and low lvl players.

So without making it a choice made not by planning or strategizing too hard, people may be able to understand that the way you CAN win against a more “skilled” or “OP’d” team is by making smarter choices than too 1v1 them or duel them.

I have to say I feel my laning skills with Viktor have been polished somewhat. if you see the match history you can see I didn’t carry (obvsly) if anything they carried me again, but I could lane very solidly, and my combo stuck a lot, I could get kills, and be useful to the team.

Doom Bots of DOOM have been a learning experience for me. I sure hope to get to play with good players and my friends again. Maybe clear the next lvl too!


Zexycommander, signing off…

EDIT: League of Legends did a Q&A about Doom Bots of DOOM They also mention URF….!!