We Might Be Doing Teamwork the Wrong Way

I remember that someone once told me (and I can’t find a paper on it, though) that the psychological trick behind the World War II holocaust was a very clever division of responsibility. As we all know, the SS (Schutzstaffel) used to be the paramilitary group in charge of finding the people. They searched for the targets and took them in. That’s it. They weren’t supposed to bring death, at first; they just brought them in.

Next on the relay race were the other part of the SS. These soldiers took in whatever the other part of the SS brought to their doors. Their job was clear: if they send them to you, they will eventually die.  Even though this sounds extremely harsh, they had no option. They were just at the end of the race and had their orders.

If you can spot it, then congrats. If not, here it goes: The ones who searched were in a way responsible for choosing who were to die. They were the grim reapers. But they didn’t go all the way. After determining the targets, their job was over. The killers at the concentration camps then took over. However, they weren’t completely guilty in this killing. They received wagons with people. So in a way, they simply treated them as animals. There was no difference: their job was to end the job.

This doesn’t excuse the sickness of mind behind the Final Solution. Either way, we have to admit that the execution of the plan was incredible.

What does this have to do with League of Legends? A lot. While the Schutzstaffel worked in sync, LoL teams don’t seem to care about teamwork. It’s almost sad to see how little the so-called teammates work. Just by the simple idea of “KS” (kill steal) we have a bad start. We know that one works his own kill score during a game, but as long as the support doesn’t get all the lane kills that the ADC should’ve gotten, then why bother? As I’ve shown in another post, what makes a team win is not the individual gold champs have earned rather than the total gold advantage.

Inside the team there should be cooperation. Let’s see…


noun \(ˌ)kō-ˌä-pə-ˈrā-shən\

: a situation in which people work together to do something

: the actions of someone who is being helpful by doing what is wanted or asked for

So how hard can that be.
Situation: match. People: players. Something: destroy enemy nexus.

I think that many players see LoL teamwork as less important than mechanics. Wrong. Mechanics is a prerequisite. The priority at the moment of truth is organization. By minute 5, the team should get a general idea of what the others players can do. Pressing a hesitant tank to make a decisive engage in mid lane isn’t a great idea. Either help him decide with a ping or find another way to engage.

Most of us try to blame another player for a defeat. Many times it is a correct statement: he really drove the team to defeat. True or not, by minute 20 the game’s outcome was most probably already determined. So it didn’t go wrong during that fight. It wasn’t that dragon. Those problems are part of the snowball effect of the match. Those mistakes are evidence that something was going wrong and are part of the events that allow a match to end.

So there’s that. When the timer hits 10:00, you can feel which team is doing better. Turrets, CS, KS are public numbers both teams can see. Was the outcome not predictable by minute 20, but by minute 5 or before? Maybe we are just under a deterministic rule. Riot must know this. There is no large company without someone or “someones” in charge of data mining. It’s up to us to turn the rule around then.





Come back and tell us if identifying your teammates’ abilities works out. There’s nothing else to lose, since you thought from the beginning you were going to lose. Team OP.

Best wishes,

The no-no Java


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