The Types of Lag

If you haven’t yet lost a match thanks to lag, then you aren’t officially a LoL player. The hates toward lag seems to vary. Some players really lose it. They shout. Then they cry. Finally they rage quit. On the other hand we have the cool players. They are so used to spiking to a ping of 400 that they no longer fret over it. In the end, lag is no good for anyone. Honestly it isn’t fun to play against someone who is lagging. It’s really not a fair fight so you can’t say you feel satisfied. After all you just beat an impaired player. Winning a soccer match when it’s 5 versus 4 or beating the other person at Battleship when you get to shoot double every turn just doesn’t feel right. At least I don’t enjoy that.

Now, in an attempt to classify lag types, I’ll try to find their characteristic and identify them for their effects. This classification is subjective, but that’s how I’d call each type.

  1. Ninja lag: This lag comes and strikes so quickly that the ping meter doesn’t even record it. As quick as it arrived, it leaves. Sadly that was enough to miss a skill shot. The ninja lag doesn’t usually strike alone; several ninja lags strike throughout the match.
  2. Earthquake lag: This kind of lag appears out of nowhere and strikes most of the players in the match. Sometimes there are casualties, resulting in matches of 2 v. 3. After the first strike, at least one replica is ensued.
  3. Sniper lag: The sniper lag is deadly. Every player seems to be doing perfectly, and suddenly the sniper lags shoots a random player out. Usually knocks out the player for the rest of the match.
  4. Mosquito lag: Probably the most bothersome, the mosquito lag is not deadly but simply doesn’t give up. This lag strikes for some seconds and proceeds to leave. A few moments later, the ping goes up again (not high enough for a disconnect) and is scared away. This goes on till the end of the match. Anger ensued.
  5. Snowball lag: This lag… snowballs. As the match develops, so does the lag. Even if the player began with a ping of 50, by minute 30 the ping might be already at 250. It sure feels like a slow death. Frustration is a common symptom.
  6. Collateral damage lag: Collateral damage lag is common in households with various inhabitants. The moment another person decides to open Netflix and stream an HD movie, the League of Legends client suffers from high ping. Real life violence and insults may happen.
  7. Ghost lag: This lag manages to make it all throughout the game without changing the ping meter. Most players don’t believe in it until their suffer it.
  8. Scapegoat lag: This lag might be just an increase in ping of 2 or 3, but the player blames it for a failed flash, missed skill shot, and for a Baron steal.

In the end, we all now about the lag. The lag is among us. It never rests. We are never completely safe. If you aren’t alright with blaming your own ISP, then you can simply blame Riot for providing a bad service. Accept it. Let it into your heart.

Types of Lag



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